Function sys_get_path_bin_dir

This function returns the path to the bin folder for the currently running job. The function returns the path in proper form, that is, ending with a slash.




The full directory path to the current bin directory.


Given you are using /home/dbetl as the root folder for your JCL installation, and the current job is running from subdirectory etl, the path returned by this example would be /home/dbetl/etl/bin/

my $path = sys_get_path_bin_dir();
log_info( "Path to bin is $path" );

Job Configuration File

There no job conf entries used by this function.

Additional Notes

A typical JCL installation will have serveral job application folders. For example, you may have an etl/bin, temp/bin, util/bin, and test/bin. You may choose to implement these, or others at your discretion. It is a good idea to organize your job applications into folders that make sense for the system you are supporting. This function returns the requested directory for the currently running job.